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for Lt. Governor

It’s Time to Change the Status Quo.

A Safer State. A More Affordable State.
A More Accountable State Government.

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“I am running for Lieutenant Governor because I care about our local communities and our state. I want to be part of the team that changes the status quo, making our state safer, more affordable, and state government more honest and accountable.”



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Hard work runs in the family.

The daughter of an elementary school teacher and entrepreneur, Laura Devlin has worked throughout her life to serve others and give back to our communities.
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Choosing Connecticut as “home.”

Laura’s career took her to the Big Apple, with a job in the city and roots planted in Fairfield. Laura would follow in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and start her own communications firm in Connecticut, closer to her family and the state and community that’s home.
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Challenging the status quo.

Like many of us, Laura Devlin understands the devastating effects the state’s fiscal mismanagement has had on our families – constant state tax hikes, lack of affordability, a breakdown in trust of government spending. Laura went to work to change things for the better in Hartford, where she has won against the toughest odds in the fight for affordability, public safety, openness, and transparency.
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It’s Time To Change The Status Quo

A Safer State.
A More Affordable State.
A More Accountable State Government.